Financial Modelling


The Financial Model sits at the centre of the Investment Analysis, Business Case, or Feasibility Study. It drives data requirements, and it presents the quantitative results of the analysis.


The process of planning a Financial Model commences with planning what data will be needed to build it, and what information is required from it. The data needs to shape the entire process of developing a Business Case.


We have led and prepared many investment grade Financial Models, typically presented to boards considering investments, or to government in support of funding requests or policy reform. We are accredited by Victoria’s Department of Treasury and Finance under the category Specialised Financial Modelling on its Whole of Government Panel of Commercial Advisors, one of few firms to be so accredited.

  • Material Recovery Facility

    Business Case & Operating Model

    Biruu was engaged to prepare detailed financial analysis, investigating the policy and financial outcomes of insourcing recycling in Ballarat by building a clean Material Recovery Facility in the Ballarat West Employment Zone. As part of this work, Biruu developed detailed financial models which determined the volume and type of recyclable material collected in Ballarat, estimated that revenue gleaned from a recovery operation, the capital and operating costs, as well as the level of subsidy required to make the operation feasible.

  • Alpine Resorts Medical Services Operating Model

    Biruu.Health undertook a review of, prepared detailed financial modelling and made recommendations about the ongoing provision of medical services at Victoria's alpine resorts. The objective of the review was to provide both the individual Victorian resorts and the ARCC with key information and advice that would facilitate informed long term decision making surrounding the ongoing and viable provision of on-mountain medical services. As part of this work, Biruu developed a model to determine the operating costs and revenue of a health clinic operating on a ski resort during the ski season. 

  • Hawthorn Football Club Kennedy Community Centre

    Financial Modelling

    Hawthorn Football Club planned to develop an elite sports training centre, Club headquarters, community sports centre, and other facilities on a site in Dingley Village. The Club anticipated funding support from each level of Government and from a range of other sources, and needed to develop more a detailed understanding about its options and opportunities, particularly regarding its financial exposure. 

    The Club engaged Biruu to help address these questions. Biruu developed a complex cashflow model addressing capital inflows from the various funding sources (incorporating debt) and outflows in the form of a staged development and operating costs.

    The Club went on to use Biruu’s model as a tool for informing Board decisions on the proposed investment. 

  • Footscray Library Community & Cultural Hub

    Business Case, Operating Model & Financial Model

    Biruu was engaged to produce a full Business Case for the Footscray Library Community & Cultural Hub project, which sought funding to build a hub with a new library, theatre, gallery, co-working space and community space in the place of the existing library in Footscray. Biruu created a financial model to determine the running costs of the Hub, and determine the ongoing cost to Council as a result of the development.

  • Ballarat CBD Unrestricted Parking

    Revenue Model

    The City of Ballarat was considering introducing a new parking regime in CBD Ballarat based primarily around using an App to pay for parking. Biruu developed a model which examined the likely demand and revenue associated with introducing paid parking to the CBD. Th model allowed hypothetical new parking scenarios to be examined.

  • MCC Kew Redevelopment Business Case Consultancy

    Operating Model

    Biruu was commissioned to prepare an internal Business Case for the redevelopment of the MCC Kew Club site. As part of this work, Biruu modelled the revenues and expenses of a range of different operating models. 

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