Transport & Infrastructure

As our cities grow and our standards of living improve so does our need to manage our resources wisely.


We have a long history of working hand-in-hand with private, public and non-government clients and communities in infrastructure development, environmental planning, urban and open space planning, residential and commercial developments, community consultation and social planning.


Getting the right priorities in place to deliver efficient, reliable and well-planned transportation systems are fundamental to a community's economic prosperity and quality of life.


Our team provides integrated transport and infrastructure services throughout the project lifecycle – from initial policy, transport planning, economics and business case advice. We rigorously analyse capital investment decisions with our clients.

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  • Urban Design & Development Workshop, for Level Crossing Removal Authority


    Government policy requires the development of a Value Capture and Creation Plan for major investments. They are complex concepts, a new policy framework.

    The intent of value creation is to leverage projects to maximise public value above and beyond the core scope of the project. Value capture asks beneficiaries to share, when appropriate, some of the value they receive from a project. 

    Biruu was engaged by the Department of Transport prepared a Value Capture and Creation (VCC) Plan for the Preliminary Business Case for the Somerton Rail Link Project. 

  • Melbourne Park Redevelopment (Retaining the Australian Open in Melbourne) Business Case, for Sport and Recreation Victoria


    Biruu was first engaged to conduct a strategic assessment in order to assess the service requirements for Government relevant to a proposal for further development to Australia’s iconic Melbourne Park. 

    Subsequently we were appointed as Principal Consultant to lead the development of a full Business Case culminating in a successful $300m bid to redevelop Melbourne & Olympic Park.

  • Victorian Freight Plan Business Case, for Freight Victoria


    The Victorian Freight Plan (Delivering the Goods) released in mid-2018 describes the actions the Victorian Government will take over the next five and ten years to improve freight outcomes. The Plan was unusually explicit in its aspirations for action in the sector, presenting an extensive list of short, medium and long-term initiatives. The next step in the process was the Plan’s translation by Freight Victoria into a Full Business Case for consideration by the Victorian Government in the budget cycle. 

    Freight Victoria engaged Biruu to help prioritise the initiatives, and subsequently develop a Business Case presenting this freight strategy action plan for government consideration. 

  • St Kilda Pier Activation and Revitalisation Business Case, for Parks Victoria


    St Kilda Pier was nearing the end of its service life, even though it was still a much-visited destination for locals and visitors alike. 

    Parks Victoria recognised the opportunity to use the opportunity to make something special that enriches Victoria’s visitor economy and better protects the Pier’s penguins.


    Parks Victoria engaged Biruu to prepare a Full Business Case examining all aspects of the proposal, including calculating the potential economic benefit to the visitor economy of an enhanced tourist destination.

  • Station Pier Redevelopment, for Victorian Ports Corporation (Melbourne)


    Biruu was engaged by Victorian Ports Corporation (Melbourne) to develop a Business Case for the redevelopment of Station Pier. With larger and more numerous cruise ships berthing at Station Pier each year, and new, larger Spirit of Tasmania vessels on the way, Station Pier required redevelopment to meet rising demand. Collaborating with VPCM and its technical advisors Biruu led the development of a Full Business Case for the proposal, embracing both debt and budget appropriation funding. 

    Biruu was subsequently engaged to develop a Business Case to redevelop the road network - the roads surrounding Station Pier are residential and unable to accommodate the traffic generated by Station Pier. Biruu led the development of a Full Business Case for the proposal. 

    Biruu was also engaged to prepare a submission to the Planning Minister’s “Planning Advisory Committee” appointed to investigate the Station Pier transport and tourism precinct.

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