Sport, Leisure, Tourism & Events

Successful leisure sector investments depend on aligning the appetites of consumers and capital.


We provide quality advice and timing for our client’s strategic investment decisions.


Our sport, leisure, tourism & events team has a deep understanding of the market drivers, likely future market movements, and what the latest trends in competing asset classes means for clients.

We provide a suite of strategic advisory services relating to leisure-based real estate and events.


  • Related Services:

    • Development facilitation

    • Acquisition advice

    • Market and feasibility studies

    • Portfolio structuring

    • Highest and best use analysis

    • Stakeholder management

    • Options analysis

    • Sale and purchase negotiations

    • Benchmarking analysis

  • Examples of experience in sport, leisure, tourism & events:
    Athletics (Olympic) Stadium Redevelopment Business Case, for Sport and Recreation Victoria


    Biruu was engaged by the Sport and Recreation Victoria to conduct a Strategic Assessment of key Melbourne Sporting infrastructure. Thereafter a Business Case was commissioned, resulting in a successful budget bid for the relocation of Athletics Victoria to a premier State Athletics Facility at Albert Park. 

  • Private Hotel Development, Development and Transaction Management, for Sovereign Hill


    Biruu was commissioned by the board of Sovereign Hill to undertake a feasibility study into the viability of transacting a development agreement by which a hotel / convention centre would be integrated into the historical theme park.

    Biruu developed a methodology for the market engagement process to deal closure, including market appetite analysis, financial modelling, prospectus development and closure.


    Biruu went on to draft EOI and RFP documentation and managed the market tender and lead negotiations with the development market.

  • Melbourne Park Redevelopment (Retaining the Australian Open in Melbourne) Business Case, for Sport and Recreation Victoria


    Biruu was first engaged to conduct a strategic assessment in order to assess the service requirements for Government relevant to a proposal for further development to Australia’s iconic Melbourne Park. 

    Subsequently we were appointed as Principal Consultant to lead the development of a full Business Case culminating in a successful $300m bid to redevelop Melbourne & Olympic Park.

  • Future Sports Shooting Site and Lapsing Fund Business Case, for Sport and Recreation Victoria


    Sporting shooting clubs have long sought a new home for sports target shooting proximate to Melbourne. Biruu was engaged to prepare a specification suitable for the various target shooting sports. Subsequently, Biruu undertook a wide search around Melbourne to determine a shortlist of sites suitable for a shooting range which met the specification. 

    Biruu was later engaged to produce a Business Case supporting the continuation of the Shooting Sports Facilities Program, a contestable grants program for shooting clubs around the state. 

  • MCC Kew Redevelopment Business Case Consultancy, for Melbourne Cricket Club Foundation


    Biruu was commissioned to prepare an internal Business Case for the redevelopment of the MCC Kew Club site which includes assessment of a range of project options. The report included:

    • Examination of the Kew site, including planning and traffic constraints 

    • Consultation with sports and sections regarding their interest in the site

    • Determination of market interest in the site

    • Identification and investigation of four options for the site

    • Concept drawings and cost estimates for each option

    • Investigation of the feasibility of various operational models

    • Identification of key risks and implementation options.

  • New Rectangular (Soccer, Rugby) Stadium, for Melbourne & Olympic Parks Trust


    Biruu was engaged by sport and Recreation Victoria and  Melbourne & Olympic Parks Trust to develop a range of financial analysis and commercial advice in relation to the proposal to develop a new $267m AAMI Park soccer/rugby stadium. Included in this work was the development of a Partnerships Victoria procurement options analysis to consider the suitability of a PV type procurement model. Biruu also developed a final Business Case in support of a final budget appropriation, including integrated capex/opex/revenue discounted cash flow modelling. The output of Biruu’s work supported a successful budget bid.

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