The property market is where community behaviour intersects the capital markets and the regulatory environment.


We bring together market knowledge and investment grade financial modelling to provide clients with the analysis and tools needed for success.


We have developed a wealth of experience in this sector.

  • Project Feasibility Analysis

    Urban Living – Increasing Living Density in Central Geelong, for Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning


    Increasing the number of people living in central Geelong has the potential to bring life to the activity district as it has done to Melbourne’s CBD. Biruu produced a Business Case for a project to stimulate the Geelong property market through the facilitation of residential accommodation. The Business Case included an options analysis, procurement options and overall feasibility analysis.

  • Site Planning

    St Kilda Triangle Masterplan Business Case, for City of Port Phillip


    The City of Port Phillip was faced with the problem of what to do with the St Kilda Triangle site. The local community had strongly identified the things it didn’t want on the site, but had not yet provided a mandate for things it did want, and had not been engaged on the subject for some years. Council did not have a clear way forward.


    Council engaged Biruu to prepare a Business Case examining a range of development scenarios for the site, and used this options analysis to re-launch a structured process of community consultation.

    Biruu delivered a Business Case which presented the economic and social benefit of the development options to the local and wider community, the City of Port Phillip, Victorian industry and the State of Victoria. The process allowed a new set of development scenarios to be agreed with the local community. 

  • Competitive Market Analysis

    MCC Kew Redevelopment Business Case Consultancy, for Melbourne Cricket Club Foundation


    Biruu was commissioned to prepare an internal Business Case for the redevelopment of the MCC Kew Club site which includes assessment of a range of project options. The report included:

    • Examination of the Kew site, including planning and traffic constraints 

    • Consultation with sports and sections regarding their interest in the site

    • Determination of market interest in the site

    • Identification and investigation of four options for the site

    • Concept drawings and cost estimates for each option

    • Investigation of the feasibility of various operational models

    • Identification of key risks and implementation options.

  • Coordinating Project Design

    Bendigo Civic Precinct, for City of Greater Bendigo


    The City of Greater Bendigo commissioned Biruu to analyse the feasibility of the redevelopment of Bendigo’s Civic Precinct to address existing inadequate and dysfunctional Council accommodation. This study examined three design options for the purpose of revealing the site’s development potential, and the project’s potential costs. The project is now known as Bendigo GovHub.

  • Investment Analysis

    Registered Housing: Property Development Modelling, Corporate Restructure Advice, for St Laurence


    Biruu was appointed by St Laurence to provide advice for the corporate restructure of their business model, so they could become a registered affordable housing provider. Biruu also provided property development modelling for St Laurence owned sites.

  • Financial Structuring

    Affordable Housing Inclusionary Zoning: Financial Modelling and Analysis, for Melbourne City Council


    Biruu was appointed by the inner Melbourne group of Councils (Melbourne, Yarra, Port Phillip, and Stonington) to conduct an analysis of the availability of affordable housing for the Inner Urban Region of Melbourne. Biruu analysed the desirable household income range that should be targeted for affordable housing, assessed the potential social housing dwelling needs in inner Melbourne over the next 25 years, estimated potential development within the inner region, and estimated the cost of providing additional affordable dwellings for the inner urban region. 


    Biruu provided advice on the issues of implementing a proposed Inclusionary Zoning mechanism for the Inner Region. Biruu also advised on the issues raised by any mechanism aimed at increasing affordable housing that may be implemented in Melbourne’s Inner Region.

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