Local Government 

Biruu has extensive experience delivering many complex projects for local governments.

Local governments require robust analysis to support their decision making. Investment must be directed by a clear and transparent process, and supported by strong governance.

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        •    Feasibility studies

        •    Project definition

        •    Project evaluation

        •    Land use planning

        •    Economic evaluation

        •    Financial modelling

        •    Benefit cost analysis

        •    Market sounding

        •    Options analysis

  • St Kilda Triangle Masterplan Business Case, for City of Port Phillip


    The City of Port Phillip was faced with the problem of what to do with the St Kilda Triangle site. The local community had strongly identified the things it didn’t want on the site, but had not yet provided a mandate for things it did want, and had not been engaged on the subject for some years. Council did not have a clear way forward. 

    Council engaged Biruu to prepare a Business Case examining a range of development scenarios for the site, and used this options analysis to re-launch a structured process of community consultation. 

    Biruu delivered a Business Case which presented the economic and social benefit of the development options to the local and wider community, the City of Port Phillip, Victorian industry and the State of Victoria. The process allowed a new set of development scenarios to be agreed with the local community.

  • St Kilda Pride Centre, for City of Port Phillip


    The Victorian Government committed $10 million towards the development of Australia’s first LGBTIQ Pride Centre, and set up a competitive process by which councils could bid to host the Centre. 

    City of Port Phillip needed to understand the economic and social value of the Pride Centre in Fitzroy Street St Kilda, and engaged Biruu to prepare an investment Business Case for their consideration. 

    On the basis of Biruu’s analysis, Council decided to commit $10m of their own funds towards the Centre, and went on to engage Biruu to help prepare their tender bid. Council’s bid was successful, with further Victorian Government funding the project budget was raised to $35 million.

  • Waste Management Advisory, for City of Ballarat


    Biruu has been engaged numerous times by the City of Ballarat to provide advice on the Council’s waste management practices and facilities. This work has included:

    • Scoping Study to investigate the effects of relocation of the animal shelter and the waste transfer station to the Ballarat Employment Zone. The Study also investigated the feasibility of a Waste to Energy Plant.

    • A response to the Building Better Regions Fund to seek funding for the Ballarat Allwaste Project.

    • An options analysis to determine whether Council should outsource part of the Symthesdale landfill operations or have those operations done by City of Ballarat direct. Biruu created a 10 year cashflow analysis, in nominal dollars (dollars of the day) to compare the options.

    • The City of Ballarat received an unsolicited proposal by MRCB to build, own, and operate a Waste to Energy Facility. Biruu provided 

    • ‘Internal’ commercial expertise to Council in order for it to efficiently engage with and manage the process of due diligence of the MRCB’s proposal to build, own, and operate a Waste to Energy Facility in Ballarat.

    • An internal Business Case investigating the policy and financial outcomes of insourcing recycling in Ballarat by building a clean Material Recovery Facility in the Ballarat West Employment Zone.

  • Bendigo Mixed-Use Development Business Case


    The City of Greater Bendigo engaged Biruu to undertake a feasibility analysis to construct, own and operate a multi-deck car park and commercial floorspace in Bendigo CBD. Biruu developed a financial model to estimate the revenues and costs of different builds, and quantified the economic benefits as a result of the development.

    Following this engagement, Biruu was commissioned to prepare an Investment Business Case for the Mixed-Use Development, determining the best allocation of parking, commercial and residential space. 

  • Seymour Revitalisation Initiative Business Case, for Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning


    The Seymour Revitalisation Initiative is a whole-of-government approach to unlocking Seymour’s potential, positioning the town to attract greater investment, improve services, and enhance the well-being of its community. 

    Long term social disadvantage is a wicked problem. Biruu approached it commencing with a Scoping Study to build a common understanding of the problem, and the suite of potential interventions. 

    Biruu went on to produce a Full Business Case, including an economic analysis report investigating the potential impact of the proposal.


  • Footscray Library Community & Cultural Hub, for City of Maribyrnong


    Biruu was engaged to produce a full Business Case for the Footscray Library Community & Cultural Hub project, which sought funding to build a hub with a new library, theatre, gallery, co-working space and community space in the place of the existing library in Footscray.

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