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Our combination of skills in investment analysis, commercial strategy, financial modelling, demographic analysis, service planning, economic analysis, and transaction management mean we can defensibly demonstrate the value of investments to return dividends for investors, the community, or the economy.

In the last few years we have led the development of Business Cases for investments of capital value summing to several billion dollars.

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  • Health & Human Services


    Major Upgrade of the Geelong Hospital: Full Business Case, for the Department of Health and Human Services

    Biruu.Health was commissioned by Barwon Health and the Department of Health and Human Services to develop a business case for The Geelong Hospital. The redevelopment addressed increased demand for hospital services arising from population growth in the Barwon Health catchment, limits to growth imposed by capacity constraints, and ineffective models of care at the Geelong Hospital as a result of obsolete layout of clinical services.


    The Business Case sought investment from the State Government to complement funds previously committed by the Commonwealth Government through its Health and Hospitals Fund for integrated cancer services, and funds allocated by the Council of Australia Governments for additional sub-acute services.

  • Property

    Bendigo Mixed-use Development Business Case


    The City of Greater Bendigo engaged Biruu to undertake a feasibility analysis to construct, own and operate a multi-deck car park and commercial floorspace in Bendigo CBD. Biruu developed a financial model to estimate the revenues and costs of different development options and quantified the economic benefits as a result of the development. 


    Following this engagement, Biruu was commissioned to prepare an Investment Business Case for the Mixed-Use Development, including a comprehensive market sounding to determine private sector interest and develop an optimum financing and delivery model. 

  • Justice


    Business Case for Specialist Family Violence Court at Sunshine Law Courts, for Court Services Victoria

    Biruu was engaged by Court Services Victoria to assist the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria to prepare a business case for establishment of a Specialist Family Violence Court at the Sunshine Law Court. 


    These courts are designed to provide a sharper focus on family violence perpetrators and to offer a better experience for those affected, aiming to ultimately reduce the rate of family violence in Victoria. They necessitate physical changes to the court premises, and operational changes to the management of court lists, so their investment analysis is specialist and complex. 

  • Education

    Frankston Campus Redevelopment Business Case, for Chisholm Institute

    Biruu was commissioned to develop two Business Cases for Chisholm Institute: Frankston Campus Redevelopment Stage One and Stage Two. The $76 million Stage One redevelopment has now been successfully funded and built. 


    The Stage 2 Business Case underpinned an election promise to continue the expansion of Chisholm’s Frankston campus with a new $67 million facility.

    On the basis of Biruu’s two Business Cases, Chisholm’s Frankston campus will continue to dominate quality post-secondary education delivery on the Frankston/Mornington Peninsula catchment. 

  • Infrastructure

    Station Pier Redevelopment, for Victorian Ports Corporation (Melbourne)

    Biruu was engaged by Victorian Ports Corporation (Melbourne) to develop a Business Case for the redevelopment of Station Pier. With larger and more numerous cruise ships berthing at Station Pier each year, and new, larger Spirit of Tasmania vessels on the way, Station Pier required redevelopment to meet rising demand. Collaborating with VPCM and its technical advisors Biruu led the development of a Full Business Case for the proposal, embracing both debt and budget appropriation funding. 


    Biruu was subsequently engaged to develop a Business Case to redevelop the road network - the roads surrounding Station Pier are residential and unable to accommodate the traffic generated by Station Pier. Biruu led the development of a Full Business Case for the proposal. 


    Biruu was also engaged to prepare a submission to the Planning Minister’s “Planning Advisory Committee” appointed to investigate the Station Pier transport and tourism precinct.

  • Sport, Leisure, Tourism & Events

    Melbourne Park Redevelopment (Retaining the Australian Open in Melbourne) Business Case, for Sport and Recreation Victoria

    Biruu was first engaged to conduct a strategic assessment in order to assess the service requirements for Government relevant to a proposal for further development to Australia’s iconic Melbourne Park. 


    Subsequently we were appointed as Principal Consultant to lead the development of a full Business Case culminating in a successful $300m budget bid to redevelop Melbourne & Olympic Park.


    Biruu supplied financial modelling, commercial, risk, business case, procurement analysis and policy and economic services to the project.


    We were then reappointed to prepare a business case for the subsequent development stage.

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