Justice services (policing, courts, corrections) are independent but interrelated, and subject to regular change in their policy environment. We understand the justice sector and its culture. We understand how the community, police, courts, corrections, practitioners and other agencies come together to provide fair and efficient modern justice.


The justice sector is teeming with statistics and operational data. We understand how to use justice data to support the argument for change or investment.


We use demographic data to develop models which forecast future demand for justice services. We use operational data to unpack what is happening within a justice sector agency. We bring the analyse together in succinct, well articulated, evidence based, investment proposals.

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  • Commercial and Advisory Services for Neighbourhood Justice Centre - Project Operational Capacity Review, for Court Services Victoria

    Collingwood’s Neighbourhood Justice Centre offers a model of therapeutic jurisprudence unique in Australia. 

    Court Services Victoria were planning a major expansion and refurbishment with the potential to significantly impact its operating arrangements, and needed to understand these impacts in advance.  

    Biruu developed an Operational Capacity Review, examining the Centre’s operating arrangements. The study developed scenarios for new operating models, having regard to catchment, jurisdiction, demand, staffing, list management, budgeting, and other matters.


    The study also explored opportunities for improvement, and served as a foundation for planning the operational response to the current capital project. 

  • Requirements Brief (operating and physical), Drug Court House Dandenong and Judicial Commission of Victoria, for Court Services Victoria


    Drug Court House supports the Drug Court in the delivery of therapeutic jurisprudence, keeping participants “in view” of the court while they discharge their treatment orders. The facility, concentrating people suffering addiction and withdrawal, presents unique operational challenges. 

    Court Services Victoria engaged Biruu to prepare an operational study to help scope the requirements of new premises, including investigating opportunities for improvement in how the services are delivered. 

    Similarly, the Judicial Commission of Victoria undertakes highly sensitive work testing allegations of misconduct made against judicial offers, and needed a hearing room office/suite unlike any others. Court Services Victoria engaged Biruu to prepare an operational study to help scope the requirements of new premises. 

  • Service Delivery Planning for Sunshine Law Courts, for Court Services Victoria


    Court Services Victoria engaged Biruu to complete a Service Delivery Model for the proposed masterplan and interim works project for Sunshine Law Court. The Service Delivery Model:

    • Documented the number of court rooms needed at Sunshine Law Courts to respond to medium-term demand

    • Established principles for configuration of Sunshine Law Courts that will assist with long-term planning, development of a medium-term master plan, and agreement on the appropriate purpose for the currently-funded development

    • Described a service model for Sunshine Law Courts. 

  • Business Case for Specialist Family Violence Court at Sunshine Law Courts, for Court Services Victoria


    Biruu was engaged by Court Services Victoria to assist the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria to prepare a business case for establishment of a Specialist Family Violence Court at the Sunshine Law Court. The Business Case was in response to Recommendations 60, 61 and 70 of the Royal Commission into Family Violence. 

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