What we do

We cut through complexity.

Starting with industry knowledge and data, we create meaning through analysis, we test our insights, and then we communicate the outcomes succinctly.


In this way, we make the complex accessible.

  • Investment Analysis 

    Major investment decisions need a mountain of analysis wrapped up in a Business Case. We plan and execute the journey to build the investment case...

  • Financial Modelling 

    Investment grade financial models, upon which major capital decisions can be based, sit at the heart of every good Business Case. Financial analysis is our core capability…

  • Health & Human Service Planning

    The health sector’s scale and complexity requires that service planners understand population health data, the sector’s financials, and the sector’s culture…

  • Transaction Management

    We have the procedures and experience to lead complex multi-party transactions to the point of contract execution…

  • Commercial Strategy

    Implementable, effective, and enduring solutions require the right commercial approach from the start. We help clients plan how best to engage with the market…

  • Government Process

    Biruu understands Victorian government cabinet processes and document guidelines. We help clients frame their funding proposals the way government wants…

  • Demographic Analysis

    Decisions based on a thorough and clearly presented analysis, supported by data, are always more robust under scrutiny…

  • Economic Impact Analysis

    All investment has an economic dimension, and all economics has a social dimension. We develop the models to calculate economic and social impacts…

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